Sensabrake a sensible choice for Oceanic Trailers

Oceanic Trailers is now fitting AL-KO’s Sensabrake system as standard on all trailers with a loaded weight over 2000kg.

Meeting current Australian law (which requires all trailers over 2000kg to have power-assisted brakes), Sensabrake is an electronic air/hydraulic brake actuation system that offers the ultimate in trailer braking.

Oceanic Trailers director Phil Peterson said while the company would continue to offer other electronic braking systems, Sensabrake was the preferred choice.

“We’ve fitted all brands of brakes over the years, with the Dexter and Sensabrake systems being the most popular,” Mr Peterson said.

“Since Melbourne-based AL-KO bought Sensabrake from a New Zealand company a few years ago, the product has continually been refined to a point where it is now the most advanced and effective product on the market.

“Engineered to handle the most demanding trailer braking requirements, Sensabrake’s unique operation ensures the highest performance and reliability, which is perfectly inline with Oceanic’s own quality standards.”

Oceanic’s heavy-duty Easy Loader and Ultra Roller trailers have been specifically-designed for larger plate- aluminium and fibreglass boats – and are the trailers most likely to require power-assisted brakes. Oceanic Trailers also provides a full custom design and build service.