Service to continue despite loss of Marine Rescue Ulladulla base


Marine Rescue Ulladulla will continue to provide its vital safety services for the local boating community, despite the destruction of the Unit’s base by fire overnight.

The fire destroyed the Ulladulla base, which included a newly-opened $132,000 training room.

The unit’s vessels, including the new $650,000 Steber, Ulladulla 30, were not damaged.

Marine Rescue NSW Commissioner Stacey Tannos said the unit was currently operating its radio service from on board its rescue vessels.

“The Ulladulla Game Fishing Club, on the north shore of the harbour, has generously offered the unit the use of its radio room so our volunteers can continue providing their radio safety net for local boaters. We’re looking to be set up there from early this afternoon,” he said.

Boaters in the area should use their marine radios as usual to call Marine Rescue Ulladulla on VHF Channel 16 or 27 Meg Channel 88.

“I want to thank the Fishing Club for its support for our unit and the boating community. This shows great community spirit and is a good example of local organisations working together to respond to an emergency.

“MRNSW will also deploy one of our mobile communication units to supplement the radio service.

“This is a terrible blow for the members of Marine Rescue Ulladulla, who have been working tirelessly to raise the funds needed to continue upgrading their base. The new training room, opened in May, had provided a range of meeting and education facilities not only for our members but also the wider community.

“Building work was to have started shortly on the installation of a lift to the training room to extend its accessibility.”

Commissioner Tannos said he was confident the unit’s volunteers would put aside their sense of shock and loss to continue providing their services to the boating community.

“Our members are resilient and resourceful and I know the Ulladulla members will be committed to moving forward and rebuilding for an even brighter future.

“Once we have our temporary radio facilities up and running, we will look for temporary accommodation for the unit and set to the task of helping the members start again.”

The cause of the fire at this stage is unknown.