Seven Star Cruises in the Tropical North and Kimberleys

Now you can immerse yourself in absolute luxury.

Seven Star Cruises may be about to launch its first season of luxury adventure holidays in the Kimberley but being new is no disadvantage to this company.

Manned by an experienced and dedicated crew, Seven Star is a 98ft mega yacht finished with the sort of sophistication you would normally only find in the Mediterranean. Seven Star Cruises operates charter holidays in the Western Australian Kimberley, Queensland’s tropical north and the Whitsunday Islands and is getting a great word-of-mouth reputation from its happy customers.

From the conceptual stages of this business, Seven Star Cruises has aimed to please Australian cruisers as well as appealing on a broader scale to international visitors. While there are many charter vessels available in both WA and QLD, Seven Star brings a more private and intimate setting in which to enjoy these stunning Australian tourist locations. 

Combine the luxury, seclusion and privacy of this finely appointed yacht, alongside the ruggedness and vibrancy of the West Australian Kimberley, or Queensland’s Tropical Paradise, and you have Australia’s most exclusive holiday. 

Kimberley Coast
Seven Star Cruises offers guests the opulence of this state-of-the-art vessel amidst the isolation and starkness of the West Australian Kimberley. The historical gorges and landscapes the Kimberley presents are world-renowned. 
Visitors can get out and seek adventure along the coastline with hiking, bird watching, wildlife and fishing, all at arm’s reach. Or if they prefer they can relax on the top deck in the hydro-tub, or on a lounge, watching the scenery in optimum comfort. Either way, Seven Star’s crew will accommodate every desire (within reason).
A guest need only say the word and a tender is prepared and on the water to take them to where the barramundi are biting that day, or drop them at a gorge where they can be accompanied on foot to explore the land more deeply. 

The Kimberley has historical depth and along this coastline there’s a story to be told at almost every gorge or landmark. Seven Star Cruises has established relationships with local pearl companies to appreciate one of the major industries of the Kimberley, as well as working with local Aboriginal tourism operators to give guests an understanding of traditional customs and beliefs that define the customs of Australia’s Indigenous population. Seven Star Cruises gives guests the opportunity to delve into the history of the region if desired, or simply watch the unique scenes drift past, as one gorge or waterfall after another comes in and out of view. 
Fishing along the Kimberley coast is a holiday in itself and Seven Star Cruises gives keen anglers the chance to fish all day every day for some of the best barramundi in the world. The Executive Chef can serve the catch of the day that evening, or if guests prefer, they can choose a tender piece of organic beef cooked to their liking. 

The Tropical North
Once the Kimberley season ends, Seven Star travels across the top of Australia to Thursday Island in Queensland, Australia’s most northerly point. Board Seven Star here for the ‘Paradise to Paradise’ charter for what some call the best holiday of all. 

Guests enjoy 14 days of sheer indulgence travelling the inside passage of the Great Barrier Reef until they reach Airlie Beach. The Great Barrier Reef showcases some of the most enchanting ocean and one can see why this area of Australia is a tourist hot spot, with people from all corners of the globe striving to get here for the holiday of a lifetime.

On this tour, Seven Star’s tender boat can deliver guests and their fellow travellers to diving and snorkelling areas, where they will encounter an abundance of marine life that attracts dive enthusiasts from all over the world. Seven Star provides all the dive gear required to delve into this underwater world of splendour and intrigue.

Whitsunday Islands
Airlie Beach is the gateway to the Whitsunday Islands and Seven Star shows guests around like no other vessel can. Seven Star’s 98 feet allow guests onboard the megayacht to enjoy all the creature comforts found in the very best hotels, yet with the mobility to sail in and around these magnificent islands with ease. 
The Whitsunday’s are simply the ultimate holiday destination. Seven Star charters operate here in the high tropical season, October through February each year.

Imagine a vessel of this style and standard, with a dedicated and experienced crew onboard, sailing you in and around the 74 islands at your command for seven or 14 days. The ‘your holiday, your choice’ principal is perhaps more prominent here than on any of the Seven Star charters. If guests wish, they can ask the Captain to drop them off at one of the islands where they will be the sole visitors that day, before being fetched in the evening just in time for dinner. 

For the more energetic, reef diving that rivals any location worldwide is on offer along with adrenalin sports like jet skiing.

Guests seeking to work off the chef’s culinary delights can head out from Seven Star on one of the kayaks provided. The tender or megayacht will not be far when you have had enough. With the endless sun and serene surroundings, even this shouldn’t feel too much like hard work. For the indecisive, Seven Star’s crew can even recommend activities or simply leave guests to relax onboard with a book or magazine as they ponder their options.

What better way to visit iconic Australian destinations than in luxury and on water?