Signature You do get what you pay for

You could argue that in turbulent economic times the trend is for consumers to look at the cheaper option for their major purchases.  The trade off between ‘price’ and ‘quality’ is often measured by the consumer but ‘quality’ is usually the winner. 

In the trailer boat industry Signature boats has continued to out sell the competition despite having a higher price point.  Signature continues to focus on a no-compromise attitude to the quality of it’s boats.  They like to say they build up to a standard rather than down to a price.  Why is this approach successful?  It is because most of the boat buying public understand that you do get what you pay for.

When reviewing the 2011 range of boats the Haines family decided to give customers more.  Not content with already using the best quality materials, the Signature factory is now adding more of the options as standard*:

New standard equipment for 2011…

–        Johnson auto bilge pump. 

–        12 volt hot plug for those ipods and other electrical devices. 

–        Battery isolator switch.  A dual battery isolator switch if the boat is 6 metres and above.

–        2x receivers for the Tallon Accessory System.  4x receivers for boats 5.2 metres and above.

–        Foam floatation in cavities as standard.

Already the best materials…

–        A proven combination of 4 types of fibreglass including woven and knitted fabric fibreglass.

–        Ruply is a unique plywood where each layer is treated for rot, fungal attack etc before it is laminated together.  This means that when the wood is cut to shape it is still protected.

–        The best quality gelcoat you can buy and it only gets tougher over time.

–        Tin coated wiring – giving better conductivity and anti corrosion.

–        LED lighting. Brighter and less amps.

–        Fixtures and fittings – 316 grade stainless steel, premium quality for everything fitted to the boat.

The Haines family have always set the standards at which trailer boats are built in Australia.  John Haines Snr always had the ethos of “Build it as if you are going to own it” and this still applies true today.  But what does this really mean for the boat owner?  Signature have summarised the main benefits below. 

1.     An Australian made boat which has been designed and tested in Australian waters will perform better and last longer than imported boats.

2.     A warranty is only as good as the company offering it.  The Haines Group have been building Signatures for 26 years and the Haines family have been building boats for more that 50 years.  The products are tried and tested and the 10 year structural hull warranty is confidently offered and honoured.

3.     The Signature Variable Deadrise Hull (SVDHTM) is a worldwide patented design which gives a soft ride,  stability at rest and planes at lower speeds.  This translates to comfort, safety, performance and fuel saving.

4.     A Signature is built up to a standard rather than down to a price.  As manufacturers of Signature, The Haines Group make no apologies for making a premium quality product that will last you and your family for many years if not decades to come.

5.     A better resale value.  If you upgrade or replace your Signature you will be surprised at how good the resale value is.  This is a reflection on the quality of the workmanship, the quality of the materials used and the quality of the design and appeal of these boats.

6.     Not only are the materials the best quality, but the craftsmen putting them together are dedicated loyal and experienced too.  The Haines Group has over 900 years collective boat building experience from its family of employees.

With new models being introduced each year and new features, options, colours and vinyls the boat owner can be sure they have the best boat that money can buy.  Not only that but the future generation can benefit from it too.  Try saying that about the cheaply built brands.

For more information or to have a look for yourself at how these boats are built by viewing the video on the home page of

*excludes the ‘485SF’ open dinghy and entry level ‘Acclaim’ models