Silentwind Wind Generator

A new generation of wind generator has arrived in Australia. Designed by German engineers/sailors for sailors and manufactured by SPRECO in Portugal.

Using hand laminated UV resistant carbon fiber rotor blades and high quality components; this 3-phase brushless wind turbine generates a rated power of 400W. It is very quiet and it comes in 12V or 24V, has very good start up performance and has been tested at hurricane wind speed. 

It weighs only 6.8kg comes with a separate Hybrid Controller which can be installed in a dry room. It is programmable and displays all relevant operational data. It can be programmed for all types of batteries (Gel, AGM and acid), has an additional input for solar panels up to 180W and has a controlled braking function. When the battery has been fully charged, Silentwind will slow down to an almost complete stop. Only when the battery has dropped below its voltage set point; Silentwind will start up and resume charging, protecting the battery from over-charging. An integrated manual stop switch will stop Silentwind rotating. 

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