Simrad ARGUS professional X-band radar

Simrad ARGUS professional X-band radar


The revolutionary IMO-approved Simrad ARGUS radar system takes a threefold approach to safe navigation, simultaneously acting as a docking aid, pirate detection system and enhancing collision avoidance.

Incorporating both solid-state FMCW Broadband Radar* and pulse radar, the cutting-edge radar system can detect targets as close as 1.8m (6ft) from the antenna on the shortest scale and can separate targets that are 9m (30ft) apart in range on the scales used for navigation.

Combining long-range radar imaging with a close range view of potential collision hazards makes the system particularly effective for precision docking. Navigators will be able to see ships in the area, the dock, all moving targets and even buoys and other navigation aids.

With these features, CCTV camera control, anti-piracy protection and more, Navico CEO Leif Ottosson said the Simrad ARGUS system set a new standard for the global commercial shipping fleet.

“The ARGUS radar allows identification and tracking of small targets such as pirate skiffs ahead of confrontation, giving ship captains the time to assess and then address the situation – forewarned is forearmed,” Mr Ottosson said.

“The vessel can change course to make it hard for the pirates to intercept it, send out a request for assistance, ensure that staff are safely ensconced in a citadel, if need be, and deploy other protection measures that are carried onboard.”

The Simrad ARGUS radar can be mounted on the bow or stern (or both), thereby supplementing the conventional IMO radar information and significantly reducing blind spots around the vessel. In addition to being able to zoom in on and track suspicious targets, the technology has been specifically designed to reduce noise and interference and information can be viewed on a second screen in full colour (IMO specifications call for limited colours in radar presentation).

Other benefits include ease-of-installation – ARGUS is an all-in-one black box unit and the Broadband Radar dome is small in size; low maintenance – Broadband Radar has just two moving parts in addition to the drive belt; versatile mounting options – can be installed almost anywhere on the vessel as, unlike traditional radar, there is very little radiation (less than 10 per cent of the radiation emitted by a mobile phone).

The Simrad ARGUS radar is available in 12kW and 25kW versions and allows seamless integration of up to four antennas.

(*Broadband Radar integration is pending type approval.)