Simrad NSS Sport owners get StructureMap view at no extra cost

Leading marine electronics manufacturer Simrad Yachting, has today announced a significant update to its feature-packed, touchscreen chartplotter and multifunction display, the NSS Sport.

Continuing Research and Development innovations mean that the Simrad NSS Sport now offers owners more features than ever before, thanks to a free software upgrade, which includes function additions, numerous feature enhancements and a whole host of performance improvements.

One of the additional functions to result from this software upgrade is the inclusion of StructureMap™ view, a powerful, innovative tool that allows users to overlay images from their StructureScan® sonar module onto a chart in real-time or to save images and review at leisure. This new feature allows users to view their surroundings like never before, putting what’s below the boat and what’s around the boat into context for the first time.

StructureMap enables boaters to create custom charts of their favourite boating, fishing and diving areas and displays the last few minutes of SideScan imaging as a trail behind the vessel. StructureMap also allows user to scroll back and look at areas to identify key pieces of structure.

Another benefit of the brand new Simrad NSS software update is the addition of a handy .pdf viewer, which allows users to store and view manuals, images, fishing and weather reports and other .pdf files from micro SD card or onboard memory for quick reference.

Those taking advantage of the free software upgrade will also now be able to update their charts online and through installed Freshest Data software from Navionics®. Navionics Freshest Data allows users to choose/select to overlay chart information submitted from end users in any part of the world onto their NSS Sport. Navionics Mobile App users can also upload chart issues to Navionics database in real-time.

With Freshest Data, Simrad NSS Owners can view changes and updates from other Navionics users whenever they sync their SD card with the Free Navionics PC Program.

When paired with the award-winning Broadband 4G Radar, the Simrad NSS can now provide users with advanced control over their radar, including Target Separation Control to enhance clarity between on water objects and Noise Rejection Control for those busy in port areas or shipping lanes.

CEO of Simrad Yachting Leif Ottosson said: “As a company, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products with the best value for money in the market, this latest software update is just one example of our continuing commitment to our customers old and new!”

For more information on the Simrad NSS Sport and to download the latest version 2 software update (RTM2), visit