Smart1marine exhibits Yacht Sentinel at Sanctuary Cove with a free iPhone application


Smart1marine is exhibiting the Yacht Sentinel which now comes with a free iPhone application.

The iPhone Application will be launched in Australia at Sanctuary Cove. The device is like a mobile phone with inbuilt GPS that consumes very little power to monitor a boat.

The device can be set to monitor an anchored position and alert the boat owner if the vessel moves beyond a defined radius. The iPhone application, available from iTunes, allows alarms to be set on or off by sliding icons.

Setting up the device saves time and there is no need to read manuals. The application allows the boat owner to quickly view the current vessel position using iPhone Maps.

Yacht Sentinel can be connected to bilge, temperature, power, hatch or passive infra red sensors to alert a mobile phone. The Yacht Sentinel is designed in the UK and manufactured in Germany.

Smart1Marine is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor.