Smooth sailing with Simrad and Jessica Watson

Teenage solo sailor Jessica Watson relied on a full suite of Simrad marine electronics during her successful circumnavigation of the world.
Specifically, her now famous 10m yacht Ella’s Pink Lady was fitted with Simrad’s:
• NX40 – multifunction navigation system;
• BR24 Broadband Radar – the world’s first recreational marine FMCW radome;
• NAIS-300 – Class B Automatic Identification System (AIS);
• AP24 – highly-advanced autopilot;
• TP32 – reliable and precise tillerpilot;
• IS20 WIND – for superior accuracy and fast reaction time;
• IS20 COMBI (x2) – providing data including speed, depth, temperature, trip log, etc;
• RD68 – combined VHF radio and Class D Digital Selective Calling (DSC) unit;
• HT50 – Handheld VHF radio;
• WR20 – wireless handheld command centre, which allowed complete control of all her

Simrad electronics and instruments, including control of the VHF with the advanced features of voice calls.
As the youngest person to sail solo and unassisted around the world, Jessica said the Simrad equipment allowed her to overcome the “challenge of minimising risk”, which was an important ingredient in her success.
“It didn’t take me long to have full confidence in using all the electronics, to the point where it became second nature,” Jessica said.
“Not only was the gear accurate, reliable and simple to use, it withstood a real hammering, particularly during the knock downs I experienced in some extreme weather during my seven months at sea.
“Simrad supported me from the beginning… and I thank everyone at Navico so much for being there with me and believing in me!”