Snow White and the Seven Aboard

Snow White and the Seven Aboard is the story of one Aussie family living the Riviera dream.

For Kylie and Alan Moses every time they step on board their Riviera 51 they feel like they are stepping into a fairytale.

“Every time we get on board we pinch ourselves. To be fortunate to have a boat that performs as well as it does and have the pleasures of it all – it truly is a fairytale,” said Alan.

“We always had this long term vision to have a live aboard boat, we thought it would be great to do some coastal cruising as a family.”

The Moses family bought the Riviera 51 in August 2009 at the Sydney International Boat Show and named her Snow White and the Seven Aboard because between them, Kylie and Alan have five children.

“The kids are all fairly young, they wanted a fairy tale name, there are seven family members on board and Lilly thinks she is Snow White,” he explained.

Lilly is the family dog, a Cavoodle, which is a King Charles Cavalier and Poodle cross.

Living on the Port Hacking River in Grays Point, Sydney, gives the Moses family easy access to Sydney’s picturesque waterways where they spend most weekends water skiing, snorkelling, fishing and cruising.

Alan said they would often cruise 100 nautical miles outside to Nelsons Bay at Port Stephens but were planning to venture further offshore for a few longer journeys.

“We frequently holiday up at the Whitsundays (north Queensland) so we plan to take the boat up there one day,” said Alan.

The family is actively involved in water sports – Kylie and Alan enjoy diving and Alan also likes fishing. The family also play soccer together.

Alan said the Riviera 51 was a great way to bring the family together to spend some quality time doing the things you love.

“The water activities attached to the boat such as diving, snorkelling, water skiing and fishing keep the kids active and they often bring their friends along so you are introducing them to the same activity.

“Boating is a family hobby and it’s a bonding experience. Boating is always relaxing because you can remove yourself from your daily issues and business.

“When you leave home and you’re on your boat you automatically enter a relaxing mode and the kids all get on with their activities – it creates escapism.”

Christmas and New Year were a blast on board with the family enjoying the spectacular fireworks display on Sydney Harbour.

They are also planning a trip to Port Stephens and will celebrate Australia Day in true Aussie Style with a 10 boat raft up and barbecue on board in the south west arm at Port Hacking.

The 51 is Alan’s first Riviera and he is proud to be able to share the spirit of boating with his family and live the Riviera Dream.