Soldiers Point Marina Gains Huge International Environmental Accreditation

Soldiers Point Marina has after a long accreditation process been recognised for achieving the world standard for environmental management systems. Called Level 4 ISO 14001 Clean Marinas, Clean Marinas build on levels 1 – 3 within the Clean Marinas program. The program was established in 2002 by the Marina Industries Association of Australia (MIAA) with the objective of protecting the nation’s coastal and in-land waterways.

Level 3 Clean Marinas are independently audited using 143 point criteria that assesses environmental facilities, practices and procedures.  Currently there are 46 marinas at this level with many more marinas coming though the program. By building level 4 into the Clean Marinas program MIAA is demonstrating industry’s capacity for environmental leadership. It is keeping ahead of community expectations and government regulation. Level 4 ISO Clean Marinas are audited annually and subject to a rigorous assessment of environmental management processes and practices.    

“This is another huge honour for us as there are only 3 other marinas in Australia with this accreditation and they are all in South Australia” said Marina Manager Mr Darrell Barnett CMM. “ISO 14001 is implemented by some 200 000 organisations in 161 countries, and we are proud to be one of them” he said.

MIAA President Andrew Chapman said the creation of the 4th level of Clean Marinas provides marina businesses with a practical environmental accreditation pathway. “Well managed club and commercial marinas recognize the importance of providing environmental leadership. For millions of people, marinas are the gateway to our marine environment. Therefore it is essential that industry is continually improving its environmental management. MIAA’s Clean Marinas program provides the vehicle for continual improvement and a means for marina users to identify marinas that set high environmental standards.”