Tomasz Cichoki, skippering the Delphia 40, “Polish Copper” on his solo non stop around the world voyage, having departed Brest, France, on the 1st of July, had covered approximated 9000 miles, and was located approximately 1000 nautical miles east of the Cape of Good Hope, his next target being to pass under Cape Leuwin, Australia, was battling a storm, about a week ago, with average 55knot winds and 9m seas, when the boat his something in the water, and the impact not only damaged the rudder but threw Tom across the cockpit, knocking him out, and he has also suffered a cracked rib and a very sore shoulder. He initially had no steering from the rudder, but after working on it acheived about 20% steering. The organisers convinced him to turn back to Port Elizabeth, South Africa, where the boat will be hauled out and any necessary repairs effected, and Tomasz can be checked over with xrays and any medical needs attended to. I dont envy him hauling on ropes with a cracked rib and bad shoulder, and can imagine the dissapointment he must feel in having to turn back and lose 1000nm of hard won progress and now negate the “non stop” part of his challenge, but he will continue once the boat has been relaunched. Our sympathies are with him, with best wishes for a speedy recovery from his injuries, and fair sailing ahead of him. Any further information available from Allan McDermott. Townsville Slipways Boatsales,