Stacer reaches a new generation of boating with the EVO Series II Hull

4 September, 2009

Stacer is delivering a new generation of superior boating performance with the EVO SII Hull.
Modelled on the original EVO Hull, this next generation hull comes standard on a majority of Stacer boats with a sleek and modern pressing design.
For a drier ride, the design incorporates a rolled pressing on the side sheets that starts at the transom and extends towards the bow of the boat.
The rolled side pressings situated close to the chine makes for a drier ride by deflecting spray downwards.
Stacer’s EVO SII Hull adds a second level of stability which is most prominent when the boat is at rest.
National Sales & Marketing Manager Damien Duncan says Stacer have utilised alloy press forming technology to deliver superior on water performance.
“The EVO SII Hull enhances any boating experience, its high performance design glides through the water and is superbly stable at rest,” he said.
“A wide and beamy hull design means more cabin space in the boat, and makes way for foam to be installed into the sides of the boat for level flotation capabilities.
“Our boats are protected with a Gunnel Bump Rubber to protect your paint when mooring at a jetty or against other boats.
“The EVO SII Hull is designed for Stacer boats to get onto the plane at a lower speed, making these boats far more fuel efficient,” he said.
The use of the EVO SII Hull on Stacer boats enhances the stability and space capabilities whilst at the same time being value money.
With the use of the EVO SII Hull, Stacer boats charge past the competition with a performance unlike any other.
For more information on Stacer and the EVO SII Hull contact your local Stacer dealer