Steber now producing the largest commercial range in Australian boat building

Steber takes on the market with largest commercial range expansion

Regional boat manufacturer Steber International has propelled itself onto the competitive national and international stage with the company now producing the largest commercial range in Australian boat building.

The expansion of the Steber product range to include vessels from 22’ to 72’ in size has taken the industry by storm, with the company based in Taree on the Mid North Coast of NSW, defying industry trends & the current industry climate with their recent growth.

After 65 years in business, a 1961 transition from timber clinker construction to fibreglass, and a 1978 move to produce larger craft, Steber international has recently purchased all assets and intellectual property associated with the New Westcoaster 53’ – 72’ moulds.

According to Steber International’s Alan Steber the larger model vessels will increase the capabilities of the existing fleet in terms of long range and high speed versatility.

“The larger vessels will primarily be used for commercial charter businesses and are well suited to departments such as Customs, the Australian Federal Police, Marine Rescue, military operations and patrols.”

“All current models meet the National Standards for Commercial Vessels and we will be upgrading the new 53’ – 72’ range to ensure they also comply,” he says.

Steber International maintains a reputation as the industry leader in delivering Survey Standards, and is also well known for providing outstanding levels of customer support and after-sales cares.

The acquisition of the New Westcoaster moulds follows a recent factory upgrade and purchase of other plant machinery and equipment.

Steber International will have four boats on display at the Sydney International Boat Show from 27 July – 1 August, and are in the running for up to five accolades at the prestigious Australian International Marine Export Group (AIMEX) Awards.

The first of the larger vessels is due to hit the water in late 2012.