Stormy launches the first internationally accredited wearable Lifejackets

Stormy: The first internationally accredited wearable Lifejackets

Hobart based marine safety company Stormy Australia is the first company in the world to release a full range of comfortable jacket and vest style PFDs, (Inflatable Lifejackets) that has been accredited with the International Standard ISO12402-3.

“Worn rather than stowed, Stormy inflatable clothing is the ultimate safety accessory.” Helen Moore, Managing Director and Chief Designer.

What makes Stormy different?

Stormy’s are on your back and not in the locker in an overboard emergency. The Stormy Jacket and Vest with and without Deck Safety Harness are comfortable and change the concept that lifejackets are bulky and cumbersome.

Stormy has been saving lives since 1993; from small beginnings the company developed the concept of inflatable clothing to meet the Australian Standards in 1994.

Helen stated “Getting lifejackets on commercial fisherman was the challenge in 1993.  Lots of lives were being lost and our goal was to design a lifejacket comfortable enough to work in that still protected against weather and could be turned into a lifejacket on demand.” 

“We began making a difference to water safety because our products were worn rather than stowed”

In 1998 after a horrendous Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race Stormy built and became accredited for their range of deck harness inflatable jackets and vests.

“We work with industry and design commercial PFDs for Aquaculture, fire retardant products for the Oil and gas Industry; Sea Pilots and related seafarers as well as for commercial and recreational use.” said Moore.

Stormy wearers benefit from the ever-improving products.  The current range covers yoke, vest and jacket style inflatable PFDs.  Stormy offer 100N of buoyancy for inshore, 150N of buoyancy for offshore and 275N for those that need to wear heavy wet weather gear. 

Stormy prides itself on high quality, comfort and functionality.  The jackets inflate automatically in an overboard emergency; ideal for use in open boats and for non- swimmers as no action is required by the wearer.

Moore added that “Manual activation is possible for those who prefer this by simply fitting the provided blanking cap to the mechanism and pulling down on the inflation cord when appropriate.”  

This cap allows the wearer to change the inflation system from water-activated back to manual when the wearer evaluates the situation. For example: being trapped in a capsized cabin or when working on a wet boat it may be important to free oneself before activating the inflation system.  It’s a personal choice.

Other products include:  inflatable clothing; rugged wind and waterproof vests and jackets, slim line yokes, with an integrated, CO2 activated inflation system and with lifejackets as comfortable as ours, sea pilots, oil and gas companies, yachters, the aquaculture industry, marine safety professionals, recreational fishers, kayakers, weekend sailors and more – have been seeking out Stormy for intelligent gear that looks and feels right wherever you want to be.