Stormy Releases Enhanced Range Of Compliant PFDs


Hobart based marine safety company Stormy Australia is one of the first companies in Australia to release a full line of PFDs, specifically designed for and accredited with the new Australian Standard AS4758.

Stormy is a specialist in the design and manufacture of inflatable PFD technologies.  In response to the new design standards set out in AS 4758, Stormy has re-designed their range to comply.

Stormy is a company that has been saving lives since 1993.

The Stormy range of inflatable PFDs is extensive in both range and application.  The current range covers yoke, vest and jacket style inflatable PFDs available with deck harnesses, water activated lights and spray hoods. Stormy’s new range rate at 100N and 150N of buoyancy, their yokes are 180N and higher. 

“Our Stormy PFDs are comfortable jackets that are designed to be worn, not stowed,’ said Helen Moore, Managing Director of Stormy Australia.

“The point of difference with the Stormy range is that beyond the normal 150N yoke style PFD, we produce PFDs in some very specific applications:  aquaculture, sea pilots, marine and safety professionals, and for the oil and gas industry”.

Stormy also prides itself on producing high quality PFDs, with auto inflation the norm rather than the exception.   In an overboard emergency, Stormy PFDs will activate within 5 seconds of immersion.    Water activated buoyancy systems are ideal for use in open boats and for non swimmers, the jacket will inflate when immersed without any action from the wearer.

Boaters who prefer manual activation can simply fit the provided blanking cap to the mechanism and pull down on the inflation cord when appropriate.    This cap allows the wearer to change the inflation system from water-activated back to manual.  It’s a personal choice.

As Stormy is manufacturing to an enhanced level of quality, Stormy has increased the service intervals to 24 months with the wearer responsible for self checking in between services.

Stormy Australia’s 100N PFDs are operated manually.  Simply pull down the pocket to inflate the CO2 cylinder or orally inflate through the oral tube located next to the CO2 cylinder. They can be inflated and deflated according to conditions. These jackets are ideally suited for activities such as water sports, inshore fishing, rock fishing and kayaking.

Manual inflation systems are a good option if you are on a wet boat, or could be inside a cabin and the boat should capsize trapping the wearer inside.

It will allow the wearer to dive under the water and free themselves from the vessel before activating the CO2 emergency buoyancy built into the jacket.  

Since 1993, Stormy Australia has been saving lives around Australia.   The company is innovative and works with industry to supply PFDs and related safety products for commercial and recreational use.

Stormy Australia specializes in inflatable clothing; rugged wind and waterproof vests and jackets, and slimline yokes, with integrated CO2 activated inflation. Worn rather than stowed, Stormy clothing is the ultimate safety accessory.