Stress Free NG Series

The NG Series is manufactured in 4 off the shelf models to suit boats from 4 metres to 10 metres plus.  Custom made options are available.

The NG Series Stress Free is a compact drum style anchor winch, designed to fit into the anchor well of inshore and offshore fishing vessels.  The neat design makes it an ideal product for narrow and shallow anchor wells.  The mechanics of the Stress Free are simple, reliable and user friendly which makes boating stress free.  It is just like having an additional crew member on the boat just attending to the anchor.  The winch drum which holds all rope and chain simply rotates forward and reverse to lower and retrieve the anchor. You can freefall down, power down and power up the anchor and all of this action is undertaken with the flick of a switch located at the helm.  The Stress Free is built in a range of capacities (12 volt, 24 volt and/or hydraulic) to suit boats from 4 to 10 metres and custom made to suit larger boats.

The NG Series has 4 unique features:

1. Safety – in the event of an electrical failure the drum can be mechanically moved off the drive system to deploy the anchor

2.  No Overruns – in freefall the drum can only rotate whilst there is weight pulling down – once the anchor hits the drum will stop – making anchoring a breeze

3. Rate – the rate of lowering the anchor is up to 5 times faster than powering down –

4. Power – increase the life of your battery as power is only used to retrieve the anchor