Strikezone hits free to air TV

Strikezone hits the air

Battling the elements in pursuit of the biggest, fastest and toughest fish that swim, Strikezone hits free-to-air TV tomorrow night.

No other show has ever seen anglers go to such extremes – and, best of all, it’s filmed in local Australian waters, with the first series focusing on species around NSW… from rampaging marlin to back-country cod.

Hosted by fishing identity Al McGlashan, Strikezone has pulled together some of the best anglers in the country to create this exciting new series that captures the true passion and beauty of angling.

Filmed in high-definition using the latest camera technology, Strikezone has the best angles both above and below the surface!

As entertaining as it informative, Strikezone will inspire you to get outdoors and go fishing.

Strikezone premiered on Sydney’s digital channel 44 last Thursday the 6th of May, Strikezone will also screen in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane as those local channels switch to digital throughout 2010.

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