Sundance Marine Chandlery & Service Centre to open in July

Sundance Marine is pleased to announce it is opening the ‘Sundance Chandlery & Service Centre’ based at Sandringham Yacht Club. 

The new Chandlery & Service Centre will not only focus on offering a range of relevant chandlery items and parts, but in providing customers with the personalised advice and service they need. The new shop will operate in the premises previously occupied by The Yacht Shop, which has closed effective immediately.

We look forward to the Chandlery & Service Centre offering boat owners a new service oriented business that provides high quality advice, service and supply, something for which Sundance Marine has become known. As a family owned and operated business we offer a wealth of sailing and powerboat advice and support and see this as something to share through the Chandlery & Service Centre. 

We are also pleased to be partnering with Ronstan and Musto as key suppliers to the new Chandlery & Service Centre. We will offer a comprehensive range of these premium sailing products through the new Chandlery & Service Centre.  

Our experienced team will be moving into the newly renovated premises shortly and will be clearing out old stock to make way for a range of new and relevant marine products on the weekend of June 14th, 15thand 16th.

The opportunity to expand into the Sundance Chandlery & Service Centre will be a valuable asset to the boating community of Port Philip Bay and we look forward to serving the surrounding Yacht Clubs with their boating needs.