Suzuki’s New DF60A goes to the top of the class for boat outboard motors

Suzuki’s New DF60A goes to the top of the class for boat outboard motors

Technical specifications released today identify the new generation Suzuki DF60 as the lightest outboard in its class with compact design and the outstanding fuel efficiency of Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control System. The impressive technical details present an outboard which is set to lead the market in the 60 horsepower class.

In redesigning the DF60 Suzuki’s engineers have successfully created an outboard that is compact, lightweight and fuel efficient. Its sleek and innovative design means that at only 102 kilograms for the standard shaft model, it will be the lightest 4-stroke outboard in the 60hp class.

On the inside, Suzuki’s engineers have designed an all-new 3-cylinder engine that uses a DOHC powerhead with four valves per cylinder. This has been combined with Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control System, which predicts fuel needs according to operating conditions and allows the engine to operate on a very lean air/fuel ratio for top-level fuel efficiency. As has become the  standard for Suzuki owners this will now also enable 60HP boaties to go further, faster, for less.

With Suzuki leading the way once again, the new generation DF60 also features a self-adjusting and maintenance free timing chain – the first time this advanced feature has ever been offered in the 60hp category. Other key features of this new outboard include; Electronic Fuel Injection for optimum performance, a new tilt limit system and a large capacity 19A alternator to power a variety of marine electronics.

The introduction to the offset driveshaft on the DF60A means this is now standard on all Suzuki 4-Strokes from 60HP to 300HP.  With weight moved forward over the transom the boat carries the outboard better with less vibration and wear on engine mounts.  Combines with a 2 stage gear reduction this means Suzuki spin a larger diameter prop and push more water for less revolutions.

All of this technology ensures that the Suzuki DF60 delivers an excellent power-to-weight ratio, to achieve the perfect balance of efficient operation and top-end performance on a wide variety of boats within this HP class and now within this weight class.