TEK-DEK is a PVC-based, non-skid deck surfacing material which looks like teak but costs around 35% less.  

Tek-Dek sheeting can accommodate any shape because it is cut and worked with a knife. It can be glued to any deck surface, fades only marginally in sunlight, is not coated and can be sanded if necessary.

The surface is stain-resistant; it can be cleaned with adhesive-removal wipes.  The composite material comes in three styles and compositions.

Tek-Dek Interior is simple to lay, easy to clean and hard-wearing. It is also warm and comfortable underfoot and contributes to noise suppression. The material is available in 12 colours, ranging from dark brown to near-white, and a wide selection of traditional wood-grain effects.

Caulking can be in black or white; the ‘planking’ can be 50mm or 102mm wide. 

The Interior decking is completely waterproof so is also ideal for galley, shower and sink areas. Because it is soft underfoot it will make any saloon more comfortable, a practical alternative to carpet.  Traditional Compass Rose centrepieces are available in several forms. 

Tek-Dek Flexible is supplied in easy-to-manage 2.25m strips. Installation needs only a craft knife and adhesive spreader.  Tek-Dek Professional combines hardwood fibres and thermo-polymers to create a hard material which resists crushing so deck fittings can be mounted through the deck.

Professional can be shaped with routers or planes if needed.   

For more information please contact Jerry Hendrey at Careening Cove Boat Brokerage & Slipway, Sydney. 

Phone (02) 9957 3353 Email: info@jerryhendrey.com www.jerryhendrey.com