The All New Bayliner 175 and 185 Flight

Bayliner is one boating company that never rests on its laurels and as a result the new 2012 models in the 175 and 185 feature some new design elements which are sure to maintain and broaden the interest in this iconic brand.

Not least of which is the new dashboard on the 175, consolidating the existing multiple gauges into two multipurpose ones adding a classy feel to the helm. Add a redesigned and functional engine box, a new glove compartment on the passenger side and more space internally, you get the feeling that the designers have been given no boundaries.

With the growing popularity of social boating and multi- purpose rigs, the ever popular Flight package has returned for season 2012. Available on the new 175 and 185, the flight series turns your everyday bowrider into a social wake boat and incorporates some additions which will certainly add to your general enjoyment on the water.

The all new tower design features an aluminium forward swept tower which is a vast improvement on previous designs seen on the 175. Constructed of aluminium, the angle of the tower has been created to compliment the curves of the boat from the deck line to the waterline. An integrated bimini is also included in Australia which is also designed to work symbiotically with the tower angles. It provides shade and cover for passengers and allows for full vision for the driver while boarding.

An extended swim platform, also standard in the Flight guise adds 0.6m to the overall length of the boats and is bolted lower to the water than the existing moulded 30cm platform. This makes it ideal for putting on boards before hitting the water and also includes a port to allow visibility of the stern-drive unit below. A recessed three step boarding ladder on the starboard side is well placed to allow the driver visibility of anyone climbing back onto the boat.

If the tower wasn’t enough to make the Flight Series look sporty, a unique hull graphics package adds to the feel of the overall design. In standard form, the Bayliner 175 and 185 models feature some innovative design changes implemented for 2012. The Flight Package adds additional usability to these models and with seemingly all year round watersports options for most of the country. We wouldn’t have it any other way.