The Cruising Club and Boat Syndicates International merge

The Managing Directors of The Cruising Club Australia Pty Ltd, Rod Cunningham, and Boat Syndicates International Pty Ltd, Stephen Hennessy, today jointly announced that they had merged their syndicated ownership businesses to form Shared Boating Pty Ltd.
Both companies have weathered the downturn in the boating industry over the last 18 to 24 months and, in fact, have enjoyed positive growth mainly due to the boating community’s acceptance of shared boating as a mainstream option for boat ownership.
Rod Cunningham said that the timing was excellent for those people wanting to enjoy boating at a fraction of the cost of owning a whole boat as boat prices have been very competitive due to the world financial situation and the strength of the Australian dollar.
“We have more than doubled the size of our fleet at Birkenhead Point with the inclusion of some larger, more luxurious boats including a Nimbus Nova 42, Mustang 4600 Sports Top IPS, Riviera 47 Sports Yacht, Cruisers Yacht 560 and a Riviera 56 Enclosed Flybridge (in survey) due to increased demand.” , he said.
Stephen Hennessy said that the buying power of the new company and the economies of scale possible due to the merger would result in better opportunities for customers and a higher level of service.
Both companies have been Accredited by NSW Maritime Authority under the new guidelines in 2009 providing both existing and potential customers with the assurance that they are in compliant and safe programs.
Over the course of the next few months the BSI sites at Bobbin Head and The Spit, will change to Cruising Club and the planned Pittwater site will commence as Cruising Club around March 1st 2010.  The Cruising Club shared boating packages will be supplemented at all our sites by customised syndicate options under the Boat Syndicates International banner.
As a result of the merger, The Cruising Club will be possibly the largest boat-share operator in Australia with a total of around 26 boats under management including the 14 Cruising Club boats at Birkenhead Point and one boat in the fabulous Whitsundays.
Rod Cunningham will be the Managing Director of the new company with Stephen Hennessy as Executive Director. Head Office will be at Birkenhead Point Marina.
With operations in Birkenhead Point, The Spit, Bobbin Head, Pittwater and Airlie Beach our Members will have a wider choice of where and how they enjoy their boating. The variety of boats and locations provides a huge range of packages priced to suit all budgets.
Members Functions are being organised at all sites for the Members and share owners to meet the new management team, inspect new boats and to see the great new deals on offer should Members wish to upgrade.
For Bobbin Head, in particular, there are some great deals on offer to upgrade from boats that have finished their syndicate periods. Rod and Stephen are working hard with suppliers to clinch deals over the coming days and Members will be contacted individually before Friday 12th February 2010.
Please let your family, friends and colleagues know that they, too, can enjoy shared boating at any site they choose in and around Sydney across a whole range of boat types and price options.