The Dufour Yacht evolution continues with the new 40e Performance

Dufour France has maintained strong sales and production numbers over the last 12 months as its new product development strategy has resulted in 3 new models launched in this time. 

The 34e & 45e in the Performance Range, and the record selling Grand Large 405. 

The Grand Large 405 alone has sold over 100 units in under 9 months this is a record for Dufour, placing the company in a very envious position in the industry meeting all production targets over the last 12 months.

Building on the obvious market strength of the 40 foot range, the launch of the new Performance 40e is set to continue Dufour Yachts record run, and provides a new opportunity to develop the fully revamped Performance series in Australia.

The New 40e maintains a similar luxury cruising fit out of the old model, however with a lighter interior, like its big sister the 45e the new 40e has embraced the popular twin wheel configuration. 

With the unique cockpit winch layout providing for short handed cruising, as well as grand prix racing whilst not compromising the aft cabin head room, the Performance 40e is set to continue to lead the Premium Performance Cruising market in comfort and performance.

The development hasn’t stopped there.  Plans for 2010 already include a replacement for the Grand Large 385.

For further information on the new model, or other models in the range visit the DuFour profile page.