The Haines Group adds Walker Bay Inflatables to its fleet


The Haines Group adds Walker Bay inflatables to its growing fleet

The Haines Group has been awarded the exclusive distribution rights by Walker Bay® for the company’s Genesis and Odyssey range of inflatable boats.  
New to the Australian market, Genesis and Odyssey boats are manufactured using High Impact Marine Composite (HIMC) resin injected into state-of-the-art steel moulds with over 8,000 tonnes of clamp force.
The end product is a one piece lightweight hull that is extremely durable and easy to manage. Seamless and joinless, the range incorporates UV resistant resins to create a low-maintenance, sturdy vessel.
The unique proprietary HIMC hull ensures a smooth solid ride that absorbs vibration and cuts easily through rough chop.
The Haines Group Managing Director (Sales and Marketing) Greg Haines said Walker Bay® had raised the bar for small inflatable boats.
“These are the best inflatable boats I’ve seen; they are of a very high quality and include many innovative features not usually found in inflatables of this size.   
“All boats in the range are fitted with a folding transom and accompanied with a rigid transom kit, wheels have been built-in to the bottom of the vessel for easy launching and a removable floor allows fuel lines to be concealed,” Greg Haines said.
The Genesis and Odyssey inflatable boats are ideally suited for tender use on larger vessels and as an affordable runabout.
Greg Haines said The Haines Group recognised the potential of the range for the Australian inflatable market and to enhance the company’s expanding product portfolio.  
The competitively priced line-up of Genesis and Odyssey inflatables ranging from 2.7m to 3.4m will be partnered with Suzuki outboards and will be distributed through The Haines Group’s Australian dealer network from mid January 2008.
The range will join fellow Haines Group stable-mates Signature, Haines Traveler, Seafarer, Nautique ski boats and the Ensign™ range of polyethylene thermoplastic boats.