The Journey of the Lagoon 39 to Sydney

Vicsail’s Multihull Division will be introducing the most innovative catamaran to Australia at the Sydney Boat Show from August 1-5, 2013 at Darling Harbour.

The new Lagoon 39 belongs to a new generation of multihulls with unrivalled experience of architects at VPLP and designing racing multihulls has allowed the Lagoon 39 to benefit from the latest and best developments in naval architecture. 


The Lagoon 39 is wrapped waiting for her truck escort to the ship. It is evident in her lines, including beveled verticle bows, that she’s different from the rest. 

Final checks on the truck. Including the lifting and shifting of the cargo.

A Perfect fit!

The Journey Begins. 

The journey takes place from Bordeaux to the Terminal de France in Le Havre, a 692 kilometre road trip.

This route takes the truck through challenging towns with narrow European streets and tight turns. No worries for this truck. The Lagoon was put to the test in her ability to hold on while she was turned, hoisted, and moved from side to side. Wait until you see her on water! 

She really turns heads and stops traffic! 

The towns were not the only challenge that the Lagoon 39 faced on her journey to the ship. On the high- ways, the low lying bridges made everyone’s heart skip a beat. 

The Lagoon 39 arrives safely at the dock where she was removed from the truck, hoised onto a shipping continer…. 

………And lifted onto the ship where she currently rest until arriving in Sydney July 3, 2013