The new 565 Big Block – power with comfort

Additional muscle with additional control – exactly what you’re after! 

Mercury Racing’s new naturally aspirated 565 is exactly what you expect from the leaders in marine speed – the proven performance of big block power with the creature comforts of Digital Throttle and Shift (DTS).

The 565 is built on the same CNC-machined cylinder block as its race-proven sibling, the 525 EFI, but Mercury Racing’s engineers have taken it to another level.

A longer stroke has lifted engine displacement to 8.7 litres, while redesigned cylinder heads, multiport fuel injection and twin electronic throttle bodies have resulted in a whopping 565 hp at the 5000-5400 rpm operating range.

And the 565 can run happily on 95 octane fuel.

But there’s more.

The 565’s new propulsion control module (PCM) — the same one used on Mercury Racing’s ultra-high-performance quad-cam, four-valve 1350 — keeps the engine running at peak efficiency.

In addition to digital throttle control, the new PCM enables the use of eight individual coils to optimise fuel, spark timing and knock control independently for each cylinder to fully enhance engine running quality, performance, fuel economy and durability.

The PCM computer also drives Mercury Racing’s exclusive Engine Guardian System which monitors engine functions to forewarn of possible problems that could lead to engine damage.

This “smart” technology will not only detect and alert you of a problem; it also processes the data and reduces power to a maximum, safe level so you can still get home.

The PCM enabled system also features one-touch Smart Start, automatic throttle synchronisation and shadow mode for triple engine applications (where two throttle levers can operate up to three engines).

A second microprocessor – which is unique to the 565 – is dedicated to providing smooth, effortless shifting to the Bravo One XR drive train.

When that is teamed with Mercury Racing’s Zero Effort Digital control, which precisely signals your driving intentions to the potent 565 engine, you’re in for the perfect ride.

The 565 is closed cooled for more uniform temperature distribution, optimal running quality and longer life. It comes equipped with a 90 amp charging system, providing an ample supply of power for an array of marine electronics.

The 565 is available with Bravo One XR and Bravo One XR Sport Master (standard and short) drive options with 1.35:1 or 1.50:1 gear ratios. The Mercury Racing Integrated Transom System (ITS) is also available.