The New Beneteau Flyer 6 is where Style Equals Perfection

In 2014, BENETEAU is confirming its dynamism and policy of innovation in the Day boat sector. Each boat Beneteau designs is state of the art due to the technology invested and the fact that Beneteau surrounds itself with best yacht and interior design teams in the world, such as Pininfarina or Philippe Stark. This commitment to building a superior product has helped Beneteau assume a position of leader and innovator in the boating industry.

Today BENETEAU continues to display passion and innovation by producing boats that are more elegant, competitive, seaworthy and accessible. The confirmed success of the Flyer range will see three new unseen and innovative models, developed around the single 6-metre design and released at Paris Boat Show.

THE NEW FLYER 6 – Style equals perfection

Once again Beneteau is setting the bar very high in the field of design as well as in terms of use and

style. The Flyer range has been completely rethought around a 6-metre concept that responds to the

demands of design and quality. In order to create a difference in a competitive market, Beneteau began a competition amongst a selection of design offices. The choice fell on the Parisian agency, “Style & Design”, which is equipped with the latest technology in design and creation.

These young creators of trends know how to devise an attractive boat that expresses itself above all by its strong identity. From this collaboration comes a modern, innovative boat with a clean design. Immediately recognizable, the stem is inspired by images from the automobile industry. It will come to be the signature of the various models in the range for a resolutely different style.

A new “Air Step®” hull for driving sensations second to none

The designer Patrick Tableau, together with Tanguy Le Bihan and Rémi Laval-Jeantet, have rethought the hull completely to offer power, stability and safety. On the cutting edge of technology, the boat has a new generation Air Step® hull. To the three, already patented unique qualities of this technology (stability, performance and comfort at sea), the three designers have added an important aspect to navigation: grip, leading to exceptional sea-keeping ability.

The hull passes fluidly through the chop and the boat remains level even when the sea has built up. Tests carried out in all sea conditions confirmed this excellent performance, which combines to allow a strong acceleration ability, good stability in all weather and great comfort at the helm station. The tapered, V-shaped stem passes subtly through the troughs without slamming or making one wet, a comfort normally found in bigger boats. At full speed, the general design of the hull with its three lateral curves, positioned to the nearest millimetre, allows the boat to link turns whilst maintaining an exceptional grip and also reaching 40 knots with a 200HP engine, essential criteria for sailing in complete safety in all weather conditions.

A new FLYER range identifying three types of motor boating

If the designers have designed a new Bénéteau style that is found nowhere else, they have also rethought the design of the living space by looking at the essentials. The Flyer range comes in three versions for different uses, but with an identical philosophy.


Chic through its elegant French aspects like its other two versions, the Flyer 6 SUNdeck version adopts a full beam design in order to maximise the area forward. This large living space with its floaty design is entirely laid out as a sun bed with exclusive two-tone upholstery, perfectly adapted to the marine environment. This large forward sun bed is unique, safe and comfortable with its lounge-inspired stowage. It has been designed mainly for customers who want to benefit fully from the boat, the sea and the sun, with its neat finish, like its beautiful bow space, its protective windscreen, its ailerons and pulpit that characterise the boat’s refinement. The side passageway is made safe with a high, superbly designed handrail. From the driving position to the pulpit, the designers have known perfectly how to get the most from the interior space to create a cabin with marine toilet, plenty of stowage space and navigation equipment. The central bench allows easier movement on both sides and can be converted into two single berths or a large double.


Very practical with its completely open deck, the SPACEdeck is the ‘Open’ boat par excellence. Thanks to a wider hull, it offers unseen options for this size of boat, such as the windlass and marine toilet. Other assets are: perfectly thought-out ergonomics with an optimal, dominant driving position; a bench layout forward ideal for moving around and stowage, wider side passageways; easier access to the water; an aft cockpit that can easily be re-arranged thanks to its foldaway bench; neat finish to the benches and seats and an open pulpit for easy access. Every detail has been carefully thought out to give the greatest pleasure to its users.


With the superb design of the sporty version of the Flyer 6 it benefits from more open ergonomics and intelligently apportioned space. This new version inspired by the ‘bowrider’ concept benefits from a perfect balance between performance and good living space. Every detail has been thought through to offer the maximum comfort and protection under way. Completely remodelled, the forward part is an ideal position to move around and to relax. The boat’s balance remains the same whatever the speed, location of passengers and sailing conditions. The wakeboard tower (option) marks the sporty side of this original version.

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