The New Chaser No Ordinary Fishing Tinnie

Anglapro Chaser 424.jpg

The New Chaser – no ordinary tinnie.

No it’s not just another open tinnie, the Chaser range by Anglapro attacks the open boat market from a new angle. Offering 3 very different styles in each size, Anglapro Chaser open boats answer all the questions you didn’t get to ask. From the spec model which delivers a very serious package at a bargain price to the Pro model fully loaded in every way, these boats are not just fillers for the price conscious boatie. 

Anglapro are 100% Australian. Designed in Sydney and built in Brisbane the model line up is distinguished by its heavy duty construction and slogan – Give us your wishlist! Anglapro allow full customisation of their interiors but the hull is out of bounds. This offer’s complete customer satisfaction for the new boat buyer as Anglapro can tick all the boxes for the customers needs.

The Chaser line up is available from 4.2m to 5.1m with each length available in the Spec, Standard and Pro configurations. With an emphasis in design to cater for choppy water conditions these boats offer a standard 3mm bottom and sides from the 424 model with a jump to 4mm bottom sheets from the 464.

According to Derek Rodway of Good Times Marine “Anglapro Chaser open boats have such a strong and rigid construction that you don’t have to think twice just cause there’s a bit of chop, you just go straight over it.

These boats offer everything you need in an open boat and you can still customise it from there.”  The Chaser models are available from August 1.