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Boating Day Trips from Brisbane

Reviewed: January 2009

Author: Warren Steptoe

The open water in Moreton Bay between the mouth of the Brisbane River, Shark Spit, Tangalooma & Mud Island is referred to by Queensland locals as “The Paddock“.

The Paddock, Queensland

Locals call the open space in MoretonBay between Mud Island and the mouth of the Brisbane River and Shark Spit and Tangalooma on Moreton Island ‘the Paddock’.

The Paddock is more than 20nm from Manly Boat Harbour to Tangalooma, and around 15nm from Scarborough to Tangalooma.  It’s a big space open to wind from every direction and subject to strong tidal currents which, when they’re running in opposition to a stiff wind, make for a very rough ride.

With so much space and frequent wind, the Paddock is a playground for sailors, which is why berths at Manly, Scarborough and in the Brisbane River are crammed with masts.  It’s also why the various yacht and sailing clubs around Moreton Bay’s western foreshore are so prosperous.

For fishermen, the Paddock is a happy hunting ground.  Nutrient outflow from the central Moreton Bay. In turn, pelagic fishes come in to feed on the baitfish schools.  Spotted mackerel frequent the Paddock in large numbers from January to April.  These popular fish bring out the boats every day the weather’s good during the ‘spotty’ season.

Coral reefs around Mud Island hold snapper.  The chain of navigation beacons leading shipping into the port of Brisbane hold mackerel, yellowtail kingfish and cobia.

Tuna share open water with mackerel.

Lure and fly casting longtail and mackerel tuna is popular.  This is not everyone’s cup of tea, but devotees say the tuna fishing is some of the best light-tackle sportfishing.

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