The Stacer Bay Master is back and better than ever

Stacer’s range of Bay Masters have a new and improved look this year, incorporating a modernised layout with a wide range of features these runabouts will provide endless amounts of fun for years to come.

The 2012 Bay Master’s new look is accomplished by the new Low Profile Sports Deck, improving the driving position and reducing the size of the windscreen the runabout range has a new and modern, sporty appearance.

To accompany the look of the Low Profile Deck new passenger and driver side dashes have been added to the Bay Master Range, which also allows more space for larger electronics to be fitted.

Stacer National Account Manager Drew Jackson comments on the 509 Bay Master “This year the Bay Master range has had some major changes the biggest would be the new deck and the new transom design”

“The new transom provides many benefits such as increased internal space by 200mm and an obstruction free boarding platform,” Drew said.

“Internally the new transom design will allow faster access to the bilge pump and easier access to engine fit. The new transom will also make it easier to access dual batteries and will have a lower centre of gravity which results in more stability at rest and while underway.”

The 509 Bay Master measures 5.25m in length and can carry up to five people with level flotation meaning there is plenty of room for the family or your mates.

Rated to 100hp the Bay Master can easily accommodate water sport enthusiasts and with a 77L underfloor fuel tank you will have more than enough time out on the water.

Not even weather will get in the way of your next fishing trip, the 509 Bay Master comes standard with a bimini and envelope and can be optioned up with side and front clears to offer ultimate protection from the weather.

Standard with bimini and envelope, not even the weather will get in your way when planning your next fishing adventure in your 509 Bay Master.

The 509 Bay Master is available as a Stacer ‘Ready 2 Go’ package everything you need to get straight out on the water including a Stacer trailer, engine and three year factory warranty.

For more information on the 509 Bay Mater or any of the other models in the Stacer range please visit the website