The Syndication Trifector

Hamilton Island, QLD: What could possibly be better than having your Riviera 5800 Sport Yacht relocated to the Whitsundays for the winter?  Having three of them relocated to Hamilton Island for 36 owners and a readymade group of like-minded Riviera owners to party with and share some truly unique experiences.

Marbella is Syndication’s Riviera 5800 Sport Yacht which is permanently berthed on G Arm at Hamilton Island. Marbella owners assisted the others with their local knowledge both in where to go and what to do. Bellini our Sanctuary Cove/Sydney/Hamilton Island 5800 Sport Yacht had her first trip to Hamilton Island and all reports were incredibly positive.  And Bellagio their Sydney based Riviera 5800 Sport Yacht was on her second trip to Hamilton Island and the owners loved it just as much as their first trip.

Highlights from the experience included whale watching, snorkelling, fishing, enjoying a great time on board, and learning more about navigation, seamanship, onboard systems and operations.

Riviera Syndication’s managing director, John Russell, said the feedback from owners was extremely positive.

“Many of our owners described the experience as being pure bliss with unbelievable snorkelling and great company,” John said.

“We look forward to organising the next Syndication group event and creating life-long memories and friendships for our owners.”