The V8-380 – a new V8 generation loaded with modern technology

Lighter, cleaner, faster, stronger and with a world-class weight/effect ratio. This season sees the launch of Volvo Penta’s new generation of a state-of-the-art V8 gasoline marine engine, loaded with new technology and performance – an engine that meets EPA’s new Tier 3 requirements by a broad margin.

The new generation of V8 engines from Volvo Penta is the result of several years of intense development work and means a real technological leap forward in the field of gasoline engines for marine use.

The new powerful V8 380 hp engine package is compact and light: it weighs around 100 kilos less than any other engine in the same class on the market, resulting in a very competitive weight/effect ratio. At the same time, the new engine is heavy-duty, fuel- and oil-efficient and, thanks to the new catalytic converter, emission levels have been substantially lowered. The new V8-380 engine thus meets the new EPA Tier 3 requirements – by a broad margin.

The engine has also been equipped with VVT (Variable Valve Timing) technology, which optimises torque at low RPMs while maximising the effect outlet at high RPMs, resulting in faster acceleration, increased top speed and smoother, better response in the mid-range.

Easy installation and beautiful design

The V8-380 has a protected exhaust system made of aluminium to lower the weight, and the exhaust flow has been optimised to achieve the highest possible levels of performance. The engine and the exhaust system are cooled, as standard, with glycol.

The V8-380 is equipped with a catalytic converter as standard. On top of all these performance improvements and updates, the engine is – like all Volvo Penta gasoline engines – fully integrated with Volvo Penta’s EVC electronic platform. The V8-380 is also easy to install and follows the latest design principles specially developed for the Volvo Penta gasoline engine range.