Top quality Suzuki outboards help to bring Australians top quality Tasmanian salmon

Farming is a hard industry on dry land but imagine the challenges you face when your farm is out at sea. 

Since commencing operations in 1986, Tassal has been Australia’s largest aquaculture company, producing premium quality Tasmanian Atlantic salmon. Tassal established its first sea farm in Dover, south of Tasmania, and a hatchery was developed at Wayatinah in Tasmania’s central highlands.  The remarkable history of salmon farming in Australia began with Tassal and its pioneering drive to develop innovative salmon products for consumers worldwide.

Over the past twenty years, Tassal’s operations have expanded to numerous Tasmanian locations with Hatcheries at Russell Falls and Springfield, and a new state of the art hatchery to be opened in 2009 in Ranelagh.  The company’s Marine farm sites can be found in the pristine waters of Dover, Great Taylor’s Bay, Huon River, Bruny Island, North West Bay, Tasman and Macquarie Harbour. 

The company continues to lead the industry in developing new techniques in both fish husbandry and farm technology, and proudly employs more than 600 people.

Every employee at Tassal strives to reduce the variation in all work processes to ensure that our products shall continually meet food safety and quality customer expectations in a reliable, productive, safe and in an environmentally sensitive manner.  As such, Tassal’s suite of quality and safety endorsements remains unrivalled amongst its Tasmanian salmon competitor base.

Maintaining these quality accreditations means Tassal are constantly searching for the best tools so that they can improve processes while creating minimal impact on the environment.

For the last 3 years Tassal has been using Suzuki outboards, and now has a fleet of 14 amongst the various marine sites.

“Our relationship with Suzuki has been mutually rewarding”, said David Kiemele, General Manager of Farming, Tassal. “We are happy with the motor performance, and the fuel efficiency has meant a real cost saving for the company”.

“We have certainly enjoyed both Suzuki’s performance and the service they have provided, and look forward to doing business with Suzuki in the future”, said David.

Tassal produce some of the best quality Salmon in the world, if not the world’s best.  So there is a natural fit between the world’s best Salmon and the World’s best 4-stroke.