Try Sailing Day

Try Sailing Day 2 November 2008

Fun was the order of the day as an estimated 2000 people turned up at sailing and yacht clubs across NSW & the ACT to ‘try sailing’. A record 32 clubs threw open their doors in support of the 12th annual Try Sailing Day, organised by the Sailing Industry Association (a division of the Boating Industry Association) and Yachting NSW.

Despite the weather being overcast, clubs reported that participants thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Try Sailing Day has proven a remarkable success over the years, not only introducing novices to the sport but also discovering many worthwhile members for the clubs involved.

Try Sailing Day November 2BIA Life Member and the man who established Try Sailing Day, Bob Basham, said the idea behind the day was not necessarily to unearth competitive yachtsmen and women but to demonstrate the fun of sailing. Previous Try Sailing Days show that over half who are involved in the day have never been sailing.

“The Sailing Industry Association is most grateful to the clubs involved,” Bob Basham added. “It’s a grand gesture on the part of the clubs and their members and we certainly appreciate the effort they put in.”

As part of the continuing support of sailing education, the Boating Industry Association of NSW and Yachting NSW donated 220 life jackets to the clubs as part of the ongoing ‘Lifejackets for Children’ program.

2009 Try Sailing Day is scheduled to take place on Sunday 1 November.
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