Two New Models for Gill Floating Sunglasses

Two great new additions to the range of Gill floating sunglasses are the EDGE and SPEED, RRP $79.
Both have been designed with integral floatation and feature UV protective and 100% glare free polarised lenses specifically designed for use on the water.
These new models feature high-tech coatings to the lenses. On the inside face of the lens is an oleophobic coating which repels fingerprints, sun lotion and skin oils.
The outer coating is hydrophobic, designed to shed water, reducing salt residue for clearer vision making these a practical choice for on water use.
Polaroid’s polarizing lenses are made up of a number of functional elements carefully bonded together to achieve a high performance optical product. The main feature is the polarizing light filter positioned in the centre and sandwiched by UV light filters which block 100% of harmful UVA, UVB and UVC radiation.

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