Unbreakable boating glassware by Palm is now available at Bargain Boat Bits

Palm Products, the Australian manufacturer of quality one-shot and two-shot plastic moulded products, is now available throughout Australia from the Bargain Boat Bits group of 38 retailers.
The new retail partnership gives consumers local access to the Palm Unbreakable Boating line of stackable, non-slip glasses which are made in Australia at the Palm Plastics factory in Moorabbin, Victoria.  
General Manager of Bargain Boat Bits, Andrew Oakes, presented the range at the annual general meeting of Bargain Boat Bits retailers on June 2nd and was met with excitement and high levels of interest. ‘Some of the retailers will be merchandising the glasses as part of big ticket item sales and others are keen to give their customers a quality choice that’s made in Australia, “ said Mr. Oakes, “There’s a huge gap being filled in the market with these glasses that wasn’t clearly identified until Palm was launched.” Bargain Boat Bits are proud to be an authorized distributor of Palm Unbreakable.
Palm Unbreakable Boating has only been available in Australia since March this year, although was launched at METS Amsterdam in November 2009 and is currently available in 12 countries throughout Europe and South Africa. “I’m very pleased that we’ve been able to stick to our strategy of supplying this niche line solely to boating and fishing retailers,” said Managing Director, Robert Wilson, who as a keen sailor, designed the glasses in response to his fruitless search for a well-designed, high quality unbreakable glass with a non-slip base.
The Palm Unbreakable Boating line comes in white, navy blue and sky blue. There is also a range of plates designed for outdoor use that compliment the glassware. Palm Plastics also produces unbreakable, stackable glasses for poolside use, parties, fine dining and a glow in the dark range for camping, available only at specialized retailers.

The Palm Unbreakable Party line is currently available nationally at Target.