Vacuwash – Sail cleaning and protection technology

Vacuwash is a leading USA developed washing technique for laminated and woven sails, displaying extraordinary results using unique vacuum technology. This technology enables even laminated sails to be cleaned on both the outside and inside. The process is even environmentally the ‘greenest’ and physically the most gentle to the textiles, since the vacuum does all the work in collaboration with a proprietary solution with no agitation involved.

Washing of sails in Australia has not been possible until now.

Once cleaned, apply an additional layer of SailkotePlus, a dry lubricant and anti-fungicide treatment. This will seal the sail the same way wax works on your car – giving the sail even more resiliency towards dirt and mildew in the future. SailkotePlus is used extensively by Olympic and top racing teams, and is now available locally in Australia via Vacuwash. If you furl your headsail, or your mainsail furls in the mast or boom, then you NEED to have SailkotePlus applied.

Vacuwash was set up in Australia in December 2012 under licence in Australia and NZ in a purpose built facility in North Curl Curl, NSW.