Versatility, Durability and Affordability – The new MotorGuide R3

If you are looking for a versatile, high-quality, low-cost trolling motor, then MotorGuide’s new R3 is the perfect choice.

The R3 is available in 30-, 40-, 45- and 55-pound thrust variations (13.5, 18, 20.5 and 25 kilo’s) and sports five forward and two reverse speeds.

Many other transom-mounted trolling motors have no reverse gear at all, forcing users to turn the entire unit through 180 degrees.

In fact, the R3’s new rugged aluminium-alloy transom mount indicates the strength produced by this brilliant new trolling motor.

As well as all that, the R3 comes with an array of features not normally found in its price range.

    •    The head is easily reversible to allow back trolling and numerous mount locations
    •    An extending handle affords ergonomic control
    •    The aluminium shaft delivers strength and durability
    •    The solid aluminium and steel lower unit is powder-coated for longer life
    •    It has a stainless steel propeller shaft and 3-blade Machete prop
    •    The powerful 3.5″ lower unit runs cooler and lasts longer
    •    It has a one-touch, rapid slide-depth adjustment collar
    •    Stainless hinge pins provide strength, rigidity and durability
    •    It includes an easy-to-use tilt/stow/deploy mechanism
    •    Swing-over knobs on the clamp screws allow you to lock the motor to the transom

“You can tell that value for the customer was the highest priority when developing the new R3,” said Paul McLean, Accessories Director at Mercury Marine.

“The resulting product is solid, reliable, quiet and very versatile, so it’ll help you fish for years to come.”