Vortex continues to challenge for boating affordability

As Vortex celebrates its first birthday, Telwater Managing Director Paul Phelan reflects on the brands controversial first 12 months and its challenge of making boating packages more affordable.  

“The reason behind the release of Vortex was simple: to make boating packages more affordable and competitive against other leisure industries” says Phelan.

According to Phelan, engine prices in Australia are higher than those in overseas markets and the lack of price parity is making the boating industry less competitive.

“You can buy the exact same engine for a lot less in the US than you can in Australia, and prices have remained higher despite the strong Australian dollar” says Phelan. 

On Average, Vortex engines retail at 25% less than a comparable model from another brand and according to Phelan, that’s where all engine prices should be.  

“If we can influence other engine manufacturers to lower prices, and therefore lower the cost of boating packages, Vortex will have achieved its goal.  Creating competition is never a bad thing” says Phelan.

Vortex will continue to provide engines in the 2.5 – 40hp range, supplying consumers with a cost effective engine alternative and reduced package price. 

Telwater made the controversial move to retail Vortex engines online in February this year, attracting both praise and criticism from the industry.

Phelan says that the move was intended to make Vortex more available to consumers.

“We are simply retailing the engine online. Our dealers remain an essential part of our business and we’ve made sure they are involved in the process. We are committed to making their businesses profitable” says Phelan.

For more information on Vortex or to purchase an engine online please visit the website on www.vortexmarine.com.au all Vortex engines are covered by a 3 year warranty on parts and labour.