Warning danger in refuelling petrol engines

Warning: danger in refuelling petrol engines

NSW Maritime is urging all PWC (personal watercraft) operators to take care when refuelling following an incident late this afternoon at Capri Waters on Lake Mulwala.

A male PWC driver is in a stable condition in hospital with a broken ankle and minor internal injuries following the incident in which a fully fuelled 2-stroke PWC blew up about 3.30pm.

The licensed and registered driver had only just refuelled the vessel and climbed aboard when it exploded.

NSW Maritime and Police will investigate.

While the circumstances of the incident are unknown, a warning has gone out to all vessel owners when refuelling petrol engines.

It is crucial when refuelling to ensure there are no faulty lines or electrical connections which have the potential to spark.

Engine compartments and bilges should be allowed to breathe.

All surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly of fuel.

NB. PWC include craft such as Jetskis and Seadoos.