Webbe Marine the Cat Market is Purring Nicely

In the world of power catamarans, boaters have decided to forget about the past economic gloom and are going fishing aboard a new catamaran.

Sydney power catamaran specialist Gavan Daly at Webbe Marine says that the market is exceptionally strong.

“The past April has been the best month in business for two years,” Gavan Daly said.   “There is no question that the market has rebounded very strongly.  Our sales of Sailfish and Websters Twinfisher boats are very impressive.”

Appealing to a specialist and niche market, boaters who gravitate to the Sailfish and Websters Twinfisher catamaran style of boat are generally experienced boaters who appreciate the unique attributes of a catamaran.

Not content to rest on their laurels, Webbe Marine was proactive and teamed up with the manufacturer of Sailfish Catamarans to run a summer promotion.  In short it produced stunning results.

“We did a summer promo that made it particularly attractive for Sailfish customers to buy now’” Gavan Daly said.  “Our customers warmed to it.   And because we had so much interest we extended the program an extra month.”

Webbe Marine has committed to attending the major boat shows in Australia with their travelling road show of aluminium catamarans.  Having just enjoyed a great show at Sanctuary Cove, Webbe Marine will also be at the Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, Brisbane and Darwin shows.  There will be great specials and unique offers on offer at each show.

Having been appointed just a year ago as the sole NSW agent for the complete range of Websters Twinfisher aluminium catamarans, Webbe Marine is now handling ever growing enquiries.

The initial boat that Webbe Marine received from Websters Twinfisher for evaluation sold literally in a week before Webbe Marine was officially appointed.   A customer strolled through the yard, saw it, liked and bought it on the spot.   From this point the interest and sales have continued to build.  

“We are well ahead of all our best expectations,” Gavan Daly said.

“Boaters and fishermen are a passionate breed.   We certainly saw a drop in the market with the arrival of the economic downturn, but when regular people saw that life continued … it’s almost as though they said bugger it – let’s buy the new boat and go fishing.”

And in response to the big market rebound, Websters Twinfisher have ramped up their production and are also in the process of bringing new Websters Twinfisher models to market for the boat show season.

Webbe Marine is a specialist Sydney power catamaran marine retailer, being the authorised agent for the Sailfish, Webster’s Twinfisher and PowerCat brand of boats. The company also proudly represents Honda outboards.