Weekend boating campaign Operation New England

Weekend boating campaign: Operation New England

NSW Maritime will conduct a boating campaign this weekend (6 & 7 December) in the New England region, NSW Maritime Hunter/ Inland Regional Manager Charlie Dunkley said.

Operation New England will see a team of six Boating Safety Officers and other support staff out on the water checking boaters have the correct safety equipment, navigation lights and boating licences.

“The campaign will coincide with the Great Inland Fishing Competition at Copeton Dam – which is expected to attract in excess of 500 people and boats to the area,” Mr Dunkley said.

“NSW Maritime will staff a mobile safety display trailer at Copeton Dam while Boating Safety Officers will carry out on-water patrols.

“As part of the campaign, boaters will be reminded to wear lifejackets – at times of ‘heightened risk’ during adverse weather, or when boating alone.

“Children and poor swimmers should also wear a lifejacket at all times while afloat, especially when in open areas where it is possible to fall directly overboard.

“Vessel operators will be encouraged to use engine cut-out lanyards to ensure the vessel engine stops in the event of the driver falling overboard,” Mr Dunkley said.

Skippers also will be reminded to keep a proper lookout for unmarked hazards that may be evident when dam water levels are low.

Visit NSW Maritime Web site for more information or go to www.YachtAndBoat.com.au for Safety Tips and advice.