Wild Oats Embraces Kannad R10 for MOB Safety

Reigning Sydney to Hobart ocean race winner Wild Oats XI further enhanced their on-board safety regime with a complete set of Kannad SafeLink R10 acquired for each member of the crew prior to the 2012 race.

Wild Oats is rated as one of the fastest and best ocean racing yachts in its class, in the world. Through an uncompromising professional approach to their sport of ocean racing, the Wild Oats organisation rates crew safety as highly as anyone operating a business.

It is with this in mind that the management team has acquired a Kannad R10 SRS unit for each member on the crew. This product is a technically advanced man over board (MOB) system which uses GPS data and the AIS system to aid in locating and recovering a crew member in the water.

The Kannad SafeLink R10 is a compact device which is designed to be fitted to a Personal Flotation Device. The crew opted to carry their R10s in a waist belt on their Crewsaver 190 PFD’s. The Kannad R10 units are carried in addition to their kit of 406 Personal Locator Beacons.

Once activated Kannad R10 SRS transmits unique information, including structured alert messages, accurate GPS position information and a unique serialised identity number. Once activated the alert message will be displayed on Wild Oats XI AIS enabled plotter, the signal emitted by the Kannad R10 will also be received on any similarly equipped vessel within approximately 4 NM.

“We regard the Kannad R10 units as an essential enhancement of our crew safety regime,” said crew manager John Hildebrand.

“The data provided by the Kannad R10 back to the boat and the accuracy of the location information is very impressive. This is the latest and most accurate technology which gives us the best chance of a successful and swift recovery.”

The SafeLink R10 SRS will transmit continuously for a minimum of 24 hours and has a 7 year battery storage life.

“While we are focussed on producing a world class performance every time we go to sea, the safety of our crew is paramount. It’s a big ocean and in the event of a MOB situation our best chance of recovery is achieved by having the best equipment and the best training,” John Hildebrand said.

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