World Leaders in Portable Cooling Launch New Portable Fridge Range

The exciting news every 4WDriver, camper, fisherman and outdoor enthusiast has been waiting for has finally become reality with the release of the NEW WAECO CFX fridge/freezer range.

From the world leaders in portable cooling comes a fridge range that has been designed for the harshest Australian conditions with rugged design, extreme cooling performance and very low power draw.

Announcing their newest innovation, Dometic Australia MD, Seamus Power said: “I have never been so happy to represent the WAECO brand. We have invested many years and extensive funding into the R & D around this product range in order to address consumer requirements and market trends, and we are extremely pleased with the results.”

Starting with a brand new WAECO compressor, the CFX range also boasts robust hinges and lid latch, strong factory fitted, spring loaded handles and a USB charging port.

“We have an enormous amount of confidence in the product. The expectations are high as we believe the WAECO CFX has the best cooling performance, power efficiency and features on the market. With these qualities, it will leave the competition behind in the thick red bulldust that signifies the Australian Outback, where this fridge range comes into its own” Mr. Power said.

Contributing to the efficient cooling performance and low power draw, the extra thick polyurethane insulation in the lid, sides and bottom plays a big part.
Additionally, the lid seal design incorporates a generous 10mm thick gasket with an internal air pocket, which together with the positive latching action creates a tight seal upon closing and improves the efficient cooling even further.

Due to its low power consumption, WAECO CFX is also ideal with solar operation.
Like its predecessor – the WAECO CoolFreeze CF, the new
CFX range features polypropylene construction, which

is both low in heat absorption and durable.

Additionally, the new range has inherited the clever VMSO function from its predecessor, although this time it has been improved for further efficiency and quicker cool-down time. This function enables the compressor to optimise the cooling speed through automatic selection between ‘Soft Start’ and ‘Turbo’ modes. Reaching the set temperature faster and maintaining the temperature effectively, it spares the components, causing less wear and tear.

The new range is the perfect addition for the adventurous 4WDriver set up for off-roading and long trips. However, even though dual battery systems are most common in those vehicles, it is by no means a requirement with WAECO CFX. Due to the inbuilt 3-stage battery protection, this fridge range is also suited for vehicles with a single battery.

You can tell WAECO had thought about the design when they fitted out the power entry with a cord organizer, which is ideal for keeping a sturdy connection at the plug when travelling on those bumpy corrugated roads. Moreover, the power entry has intentionally been positioned at opposite sides from the control panel, enabling practical arrangement in vehicles. Ergonomically designed, the control panel is also tilted and features blue LED display for clarity even in sunlight

The interior is equipped with an LED light with a hidden magnetic switch for On/Off function upon opening and closing. The evaporator plate is flush mounted, which makes for easy cleaning in addition to a drain plug. The basket includes a removable divider, except for in the CFX-65DZ Dual Zone, which comes with two baskets and a lid for the freezer compartment.

The range is available in 5 sizes with generous litre capacities.
Starting with the CFX-35, this model has a 34.5 litre capacity with a single zone fridge/freezer compartment, holding 47 cans and space for a vertical standard champagne bottle. Both the CFX-35 and the CFX-40 fit 4 cans across each way.

The largest model CFX-65 is available in both single and dual zone configuration. The CFX-65DZ Dual Zone has a 42 litre fridge and a 19 litre freezer, and fits an upright Riesling bottle.

Finally the range would not be complete without accessories to maximise its use. Accessories include a wireless display to show temperature, voltage and adjustable alarm limits from a distance. You can also choose from an insulated cover for protection and added insulation, or a fixing kit and slide for in-car safety and access to your fridge. Power solutions such as a remote battery pack, wiring kit and solar panels are also available to make the most of your fridge/freezer wherever you are.

The features of the WAECO CFX range are many and guaranteed to impress; Genuine WAECO compressor

Designed for Australian conditions with integrated 240 volt AC.

Strong drop down handles

Factory fitted, spring loaded handles with glass filled nylon ends. Flush fit against cabinet when not in use. Ideal to use as tie down points.

USB charging outlet

For charging mobile phones, tablets etc. when plugged in.

Robust metal hinge design and detachable lid

Detaches automatically when excessive pressure is applied. Easily clips back in place.

Sturdy lid latch

Designed to last.

Generous lid seal gasket with air pocket

10 mm wide lid seal gasket with air pocket for added insulation.

Extra thick polyurethane insulation

Improves cooling performance and contributes to energy efficiency.

Ergonomic control panel

User friendly angle – blue LED display for clarity even in sunlight. Control panel at opposite end from power entry for practical arrangement in 4WD vehicles.

Reversible lid (CFX-50/65/65DZ)

Can be hinged from either side for optimised interior access (tools required).

Power entry with cord organiser

Practical arrangement at opposite end from control panel.
Ideal for use in 4WDs with slide or drawer sets. Features 240 volt AC mains and 12/24 volt DC vehicle connections and leads. 

Low power consumption

Suitable with solar power operation.

VMSO Mk 2 – Improved Variable Motor Speed Optimisation

Enables the compressor to optimise the cooling speed through automatic selection between ‘Soft Start’ and ‘Turbo’ modes. Reaching the set temperature faster and maintaining the temperature effectively, it also spares the components, causing less wear and tear.

Inbuilt 3-stage battery protection

Adjustable for use on vehicles with single battery or dual batteries.

Polypropylene construction

Strong, light-weight and has low heat absorption.

Injection moulded lid

Strong construction.

Inbuilt nutserts

4-point M6 thread nutserts included in base for optional semi-permanent installation solutions.

Rubber mat insert in lid

Ideal for placing drinks.

High profile feet

Increases air flow underneath fridge.

Practical storage & easy cleaning

Basket with removable divider included.* Flush mounted evaporator plate and drain plug makes for easy cleaning (all models).
*Except for CFX-65DZ which has two baskets and lid on freezer compartment.

Interior multi-point LED light with magnetic switch

Turns on/off with opening/closing of lid.