Yacht Engineering Forum in Italy



The first Forum in Italy focussing on nautical engineering and design

8/9 February 2008

The only real opportunity for professionals to meet, update, discuss and exchange ideas on nautical design, with a programme of high profile events .

8 February 2008

Afternoon – 1st topic
Project and production: reliability of projects in the complicated production process
The technical managers of two of the most important shipyards in the world will meet to discuss new possibile methods to make the design/production process more cohesive and efficient.



Daniele Pascutti – CRN (Ferretti Group)


Stefano Saione – Fincantieri Yachts


2nd topic Seatec Carrara Italy complex 2
Classification, design and production of giga-yachts – Yachts or passangers ships ?
The two most important world classifications registers meet to discuss and answer questions from the guests and the public.



Paolo Izzo – Lloyds Register


Paolo Moretti – RINA


9 February 2008

Mornig – 3rd topic
Ergonomics and navigation: the shape and the function
The attention of interior design and architecture to marine ergonomics on board and not only to aesthetic.

Lecturer: Simon Mastrangelo – “La Sapienza” University, Rome

4th topic
Filling and painting: the great challenge
One of the largest growing producers of fillers and paints and one of the most important companies in the field of painting inspection discuss the new challanges of standards and performance.



Jonathan Scotland – Jotun


Marten Heetebrij – MYPAI

Seatec Carrara Italy complex 3


Afternoon – 5th topic
New frontiers in the design of wiring, electronic, electro-instrumental and automation systems for the nautical sector
One of the newest and most innovative Italian companies presents the new design philosophies and the new components for the future of electrical wiring and automation systems for the nautical sector.



Stefano Riva – Elettromar SpA


Stefano Tinti – Elettromar SpA


6th topic
The design of large-sized yachts
Advanced methods and instruments in the integrated design of giga-yachts.



Tommy Toivonen – Napa


Stefano Reggente – Meccanonet Group


Chairman:Giampiero Audino – Meccanonet Group
Co-moderator: Stefano Reggente – Meccanonet GroupSeatec Carrara Italy Complex 4

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