Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO released

Jet ski fans will want to get their hands on this nano-engineered WaveRunner.

The FX Cruiser SHO is the new flagship of the Yamaha WaveRunner fleet. The newly developed engine not only has a generous 1812cc displacement but also adds a supercharger to deliver exhilarating power.  The highly refined hull design, built with a new super-lightweight construction material called NanoXcelTM offers an added performance boost that changes the awesome propulsion into exciting performance on the water.

Helping riders enjoy this super high performance even more is Yamaha’s exclusive “Cruiser Concept”. Features like the ergonomically designed cruiser seat provide comfortable riding even in the high-speed range. New electronic control systems like the industry-first “Cruise Assist” offer a new level of convenience and comfort to cruising.
Riders will also appreciate the full range of special features including the Multifunction Instrumentation Panel and Pull-up Cleats. With a beautiful metallic paint finish, this king of cruisers is sure to be the machine of choice for anyone who wants to cut through the water in style.

The FX Cruiser has the ideal engine for a PWC, one with super-high performance, light weight, compactness, reliability, durability and environment-friendly performance.

The new supercharger, developed to play a key role in the ideal PWC engine, is a centrifugal type with enhanced qualities of quietness, compactness and minimum horsepower loss. Yamaha used fluid analysis to design turbine fins with the ideal shape to enable reduced size without sacrificing output, resulting in improved response and a more compact overall engine package.  Greater durability, serviceability and quietness have also been achieved by using a simple gear assembly to transmit drive force to the turbine.

But the standout feature of the FX Cruiser is the newly developed super-lightweight hull material it uses, NanoXcelTM. By using this material the craft achieves a revolutionary reduction in relative weight without sacrificing strength and production efficiency.  The use of NanoXcelTM in the FX SHO hull, deck and other main parts of the craft has allowed a 25kg reduction in its weight compared to more conventional materials. This weight reduction brings big benefits in the form of lighter handling, faster acceleration and better fuel economy. Catch one if you can.