Zodiac’s New “Mona Lisa” 3.1 metre RIB

It may seem like an unusual title for a boat, but Zodiac can claim many similarities to the Italian masterpiece, now residing in France. 

Zodiac’s have been reproduced and copied countless times, often many (competitors) claiming to be  the original or the best and it still calls France home, but rest assured, there still is only one Zodiac.  

Zodiac’s new launch is a bit of a change of course for the French manufacturer, the new S.E. 310 (Neo) is not made in France  but under Zodiac management in China.

“Zodiac takes it’s global role very seriously, if our boats are to be made outside of France, then they must be made to exacting standards” said Zodiac’s International Sales Manager, Mr Denis Ricard.“We are very proud to offer an international warranty for all our boat, regardless where they are made”.

The new RIB slots in perfectly down under, in being one the most popular sizes chosen as a tender.

A quick glance at the specifications and you’ll soon learn that they have put 70 years of boat building experience where it counts…….in the boat. 

“The life of a tender is not a pleasant one, often left on duck boards and fore decks of their mother ships, for months, if not years at a time. They have to be built tough, tough enough for Australia. This time Zodiac has chosen to use the new Neoprene fabric, which is proving to be the right stuff” said Dino Tantaro – National Sales Manager for Recreational Marine in Australia.

With a price that will surprise and a quality that is hard to match, it’s no wonder why it is still the choice of mariners around the globe.  One look and you will see that this is a Zodiac…….the original.